Born in Seoul in 1980. Involved in various fields as an Illustrator, musician or skater. Master of the bedroom studio and fully absorbed in various genres of music, one of which involves many home-based experiments used to create his own brand of lo-fi dub. With many fans developing, especially in Japan, he has created music with artists such as Flying Rhythms, Little Tempo and Masaya Nakahara

1980年ソウル市生まれの韓国人。イラストレーター、ミュージシャン、スケーターと様々な分野で活躍中。様々な音楽から吸収し、独自のテイストの 音楽を作り続け、特に自宅スタジオで実験を繰り返し作られたLo-Fiなダブ・サウンドは広く支持されている。日本でも人気は高く、共演者はFlying Rhythms、Little Tempo、中原昌也など多数。

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