Xiu Xiu

Xiu Xiu is an experimental art rock band centered around the voice of lead singer-songwriter Jamie Stewart, the only constant member since its inception. His current bandmates are Angela Seo and percussionist Ches Smith.

Xiu Xiu's music draws heavily from several disparate genres including post-punk, '80s synthpop, noise, ambient, techno, asian percussive music, modern classical, and folk. Musically, the band often blends cacophonous percussion and experimental structures, with lush hooks and diverging lyrical styles.


ボーカル、ソングライターのJamie Stewartをメインにした流動的なバンド編成で、これまでに5枚のオリジナルアルバムをリリース。イアン・カーティス(Joy Divison)とも比較されるカリスマティックなJamieのヴォーカルと破壊的な美しい楽曲で世界中に熱狂的なファンを持つ、カリフォルニアの人気バ ンド。

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