Ricci Rucker

Ricci Rucker is an artist not easily defined.

Initially hailed for spearheading a new generation of scratch DJs, Ricci quickly found a need to transcend his monikers and move forward under his own name.

His first crew Hed Noddings gave him a foothold in the scene, but Ricci found himself dissatisfied with the rhythmic limitations inherent in turntablist "drumming" (chopping breaks on record manually to create a beat). He quickly changed tact with Gunkhole, incorporating a live drummer along with two other DJs for a less percussive, more musical approach to turntablism.

His recent output sees him manning the controls to blast forth an all analog, live electro workout.


これまで様々な名前でスクラッチDJの新境地を次々と開拓してきたが、遂 に自身の名、リッキーラッカーとして私達の元に帰ってきた。 「ヘッド・ノッディングス」で颯爽とシーンに登場した彼は、ターンテーブル によるリズムだけでは満足できず、DJ2名とドラマー人もに「ガンクホール」を結成、三人でより音楽的な表現へ突入した。その上に、アナログシンセのみの ライヴを初め、彼が次にどこに行くのか、誰も予測できない。

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