Maayan Nidam

Maayan Nidam aka Miss-Fitz has been spinning and producing music since 1999.

Her releases on Raum Musik, Freak n' Chic FR, Circus Company, on Kalimari as Uli Kunkel (together with Shaun Reeves & Lee Curtiss) and other labels, have been remixed by Ricardo Villalobos, Jeff Samuel, Ryan Crosson, Mossa, Pheek, Spasm & more.

Although based in Berlin, Fitz keeps on the move, spinning a mixture of underground House and Techno around the globe in venues such as Colors Studio Tokyo, Robert Johnson Frankfurt, Club Transmediale Berlin, Wolf+Lamb NY, Decadance Belgium, Mono-club Amsterdam , Pacotek Jerusalem, Hive & Piping Switzerland and many more, making frequent appearances around Berlin on her 'space mokeys unite!' nights at Watergate & Arena Club, as well as in changing venues in London.

In the rest of her time, Fitz reviews music for Vice magazine (Germany) and posts for Underground-Amputations.


その端麗な ルックスからは想像できないストイックでディープな独自のミニマルグルーブは、世界中のダンスミュージックリスナーから大きな支持を得ている。

Freak n' Chic, Circus Company, Archipeなどといった老舗レーベルからのシングルは、Ricardo Villalobos, Jeff Samuel, Sascha Dive

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