Kath Bloom

Born and raised in New Haven, America. While traveling in the 70s she always made a habit of playing and creating music, but after meeting avant-garde guitarist Loren MazzaCane Connors she began a period of recording from 1976 up to 1984. After the two went separate ways, Kath entered a period of silence that has finally been broken with the release of this album.

Her music is a sensitive and gentle blend of American folk and country. Her fresh, heartfelt tones draw out bittersweet feelings of nostalgia. Presently Kath trains horses and plays with her band Love At Work, as well as playing solo shows in the Northeastern US and enjoying a life filled with music, love, family and friends.

アメリカ在住。70年代初めから旅をしながら音楽活動を開始し、現在に至るまで地元地域での活動をメインに、作曲・演奏を行っている。シンプルなが らも美しいメロディーと、やさしくて力強い歌声が徐々にどこか懐かしい風景を思い起こさせる。数多くの曲を生み出していて、それらは80年代初期に少数リ リースされたLoren Mazzacane Connorsとの5枚の共作アルバムをまとめた”1981-1984”(Megalon records)でも聞くことが出来る。現在では地元のコネチカット州Torringtonで

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