Diana Chiaki

Modeling since the age of 15, she plays an active role in fashion magazines such as NYLON, spring, Voguegirl, and others today. Chiaki also is a vocalist and writes lyrics for the rock band "TERROR FAMILIA".
Diana began her DJ career in 2008, and by the end of 2009. She was already making her own music after discovering beat-making from playing around with MAC music software, Garageband. Her music is nothing comparable to her rock band, making sound with stoic, minimal beats at its core. Her sound has been recognized by Kid Koala from Ninja Tune, "She has great ears". Recently, she has been a DJ for events for MARC BY MARC JACOBS, Swarovski, Jillstuart, and so on.
We met her through one particular photobook. Later, after finding out about a start of her DJ career, we asked her to DJ for our own event. That is when we found out more about her sound. We were amazed that her tracks were solely made from Mac's beginner music software; and were astonished at the speed and the amount of beats she made one after another. From there, nothing is surprising - her first album release from PowershovelAudio was decided, naturally.

15歳でモデルデビュー。NYLON,spring,Voguegirl,数々のファッション誌で現在活躍中のモデル。その他ロックバンド「TERROR FAMILIA」でボーカルを担当し、また作詞も手がけており、音楽活動を日頃から精力的に行っている。 2008年より、DJとしても活動を開始、2009年には、MAC付属の音楽ソフトGragebandという音楽ソフトをいじって、ビートを作り出すことに目覚め、ついに彼女の音楽制作がスタートした。彼女の音楽は、バンド活動とは、全く異なるストイックでミニマルなビート

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