Arata began his music career in 2002 DJing, making tracks and promoting events under the name Paki-G. A driving force in the development of the growing Fukuoka Hip Hop scene, 2003 saw him he become a regular member of Olive Oil's notorious and respected DADAISM event. His self-established label CAMAN BEATS RECORDS has been steadily growing its solid lineup of releases since 2005.

2009 saw a change in name and direction for the artist, with a more heady instrumental take on his sample heavy hip-hop sound.


03年からOLIVE OILによるイベント"DADAISM"にレギュラーメンバーとして加入。 福岡のヒップホップシーンを牽引する存在として、05年には自身が主催する CAMAN BEATS RECORDSよりリリースを重ねてきた。 09年よりトラックメイカーとしてARATA名義でも活動をはじめる。

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